Ruth Marten • Limited collector’s edition of Simon Goff’s new album “SPARK LIKE LIVING MOTHERS” (2023), Ed. 25


Limited edition of the new album by Simon Goff published by vinyl art label GRAND CHESS Records, Hamburg
including 2 x12” 45 RPM LP
& one original artwork by Ruth Marten.
25 single works on paper (gouache on archival print), 25 x 25 cm, numbered, signed and dated by the artist

“When I discovered RUTH MARTEN’s artwork there was something about it that spoke to me about the process I was occupied with making this record. The bringing together of different elements to create something new. In her own works, she often illustrates on top of existing illustrations she has found. I was so happy when she agreed to be part of our process. I sent her the music, the poem and a tiny explanation of the project so far and
she sent back the wonderful illustration which makes up the front cover of this record. The following images she sent over felt perfect for the playful process of creativity that this record is for me. It is a pleasure and honour to get to work with such incredible people to make records and art. Without them and you taking part in this exchange as an audience, none of this would be possible.”

* Simon Goff is a British composer and producer based in Berlin.

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