8. February 2020


4. April 2020

It is a special pleasure for the Van der Grinten Galerie to present Hamburg painter Peter Nikolaus Heikenwälder (born in 1972, lives and works in Hamburg) for the very first time.

A representative selection of paintings from recent years offers an introduction to this dark, magical and abstract world.

In a deep black cosmos, the painted forms seem to hang weightlessly and move freely, conforming to no apparent compositional principal. But the various pictorial levels are, in fact, organized, creating the impression of a seductive and enigmatic depth that beckons viewers to enter and become immersed.

Colors, surfaces and forms create an eerie and enticing mood, reminiscent of the type of dream in which we are rendered perplexed observers as fanciful forms perform impenetrable activities in a series of curious movements.
These are enchanted spaces born of painterly mastery.