June 22, 2024


August 10, 2024

The idea for the current exhibition came when taking a closer look at the work of Roy Mordechay and Frans Roermond. One thing the two artists have in common in that they are both deeply influenced by artworks well beyond their immediate purview.

April 26, 2024


June 15, 2024

A selection of about 40 original vintae prints by Karl Hugo Schmölz (1917-1986) shows once again the faboulous quality of this master of architecture photography.

February 24, 2024


April 13, 2024

The current exhibition includes new works from all of Neufanger’s oeuvre and also presents his extensive oeuvre of posters, posters, printed matter and books.

November 18, 2023


January 28, 2024

For 30 years, Elger Esser has travelled the regions of France searching for archetypical landscapes. In his most recent works the experience of landscape concentrates on the transition from the coastline to the sea and on up into the sky above, with its spectacle of changing cloud formations.

September 2, 2023


November 4, 2023

In his current exhibition A Twitter at the Palisades“, the Düsseldorf based artist Lorenzo Pompa brings together his recent works, all created for this stage. The title, as is often with Pompa, has a double meaning which gives rise in our mind to an image at the margin of the unknown, that vast space which we can never dominate.

June 17, 2023


August 5, 2023


A Group Show

The exhibition brings together works of 11 international artists in which the transformation of materials plays a role, often a fundamental one. Here we encounter matter in the form of: dust, wax, paper, nylon, epoxy, glass, mirrored glass, silver, ink, graphite and plaster.

April 22, 2023


June 10, 2023

The 141 original pencil drawings shown comprise a series that Roermond began in 2017, aiming to render the entirety of Samuel Beckett’s theatre piece ‘Play’ in this form. The drawings also provide the material for an “abstract graphic novel”, published in book form to accompany the exhibition.

November 5, 2022


February 11, 2023


Group Show

Co-curated by 

The shoe. A fascinating, fetching, adored and also disturbing, even polarizing object. An object of daily life with remarkable historical,and socio-political relevance, and an eminently inspiring artistic motif

September 2, 2022


October 29, 2022

The current exhibition ‘Material Tension’ brings together a group of works created in 2021 and 2022. Robert Currie (*1976, London) had the specific challenges of our gallery space in mind when making his selection, which features a stark element of contrast, the geometric-abstract vis-à-vis the photorealistic-representational.

April 3, 2022


July 23, 2022



The four painters presented in the current group show Before and Behind the Figures’ were carefully curated to create an exhibition that is a dialogue between various outposts within the broad field of  “genuine” painting
– that is an expression of the real, immediate personal emotions/perceptions of the artist. 

February 13, 2022


April 23, 2022

Rikako Kawauchi’s work has extreme, often disturbing intensity and immediacy, almost as if you could feel her pulse rate in the line of her pencil. Drawing, as Kawauchi writes of her own work method, is like the sound box of her own body, which processes the reactions to other bodies and their physicality.