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Simon Schubert @ is a manifestation of the Vanderbild himself, Athens based admirer, curator, and sometimes engineer, Dimitris Manolas.  It is a fresh collection of contemporary aesthetic directions; an ode to the lovers, makers, and shapers of art in all its forms.

Sculpture 2016 by Simon Schubert:

Simon Schubert @ iGNANT

iGNANT is an award-winning online magazine featuring the finest in art, design, photography and architecture. 

Paper interior Portraits by Simon Schubert: iGNANT


Van der Grinten Galerie's green contribution to the planet

At the beginning of 2015 Van der Grinten Galerie decided to cooperate with PUR PROJET and to get involved in the protection of nature

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New Project @ Van der Grinten Galerie

Discover our new Project on vimeo
Entdecken Sie unser neuestes Projekt auf vimeo an


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