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"VERTIGO", 2014

18.01. - 29.03.2014
Simon Schubert, a sculptor meanwhile recognized far beyond Rhineland’s borders, has been occupied since the beginning of his art career with the motif of the staircase, especially as a site of transition, of endlessness. The gallery invited Schubert to react to the architectural photographs of the 1950s shown on the upper floor with his own work on the ground floor. In the new work “Vertigo” that resulted, he for the first time has brought the elements of paper folding, video film/video projection and architectural space together in a complex environment.

The folding technique—which is also the basis for this new work—is something Simon Schubert developed on his own and he remains the only artist to do so up to now. Solely with the help of small metal tools, Schubert folds each detail of his works by hand. This produces a three-dimensionality that enables the filigree architecture of interiors, staircases, floor textures and wood paneling to appear as reliefs. Using this unique procedure, Simon Schubert succeeds in masterly depictions of a room as a folded plane, at times as a complex whole, at times as a fragment. With the greatest precision and out of blank paper produced in the oldest paper mills in Europe, a replica of reality emerges and, at the same time, a dissociation from reality. 

The folds that Schubert has fabricated for “Vertigo” quasi dissects the passage along an endless staircase down to single images, which he then mounted as a sequence that is projected vertically into a narrow, shaft-like space. The viewer experiences something similar to that of the walk-in sculpture “The Reprobation” from 2008 in which, after a delay, you notice that you are apparently standing in front of a mirror, but that this mirror reflects no image; for a brief moment you are not present. Something like this befalls you in a vertiginous state when the physical boundaries between inside and out threaten to blur their focus. 


Press Release, Van der Grinten Galerie, 2014
Translation: Jeanne Haunschild

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