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Das Fenster

Video duration: 4,25 ", 2014

This installation about the view of Hitler’s house named Berghof built in Obersalzberg south of Germany. The house had that famous four-by-eight meter large window. The window’s monstrous scale and the view it afforded of the mountains were aptly commensurate with the delusion of world domination. Due to its immense size this "cut-out", with its perfectly presented outlook onto the Untersberg mountain formation, implied a view over the entire world. One of Hitler’s prime reasons for the exact location of the building, the Untersberg is considered a place highly imbued with mythological and historical significance, particularly in its association with Friedrich Barbarossa, who unified the first Reich. 

Since the Berghof had been leveled at the beginning of the 1950s, I used filmic means to "reconstruct" the exact site – that is to say, the view – once framed by the window. I discovered that the former window had a closely fitted aspect ratio with a cinema widescreen (1.85:1). In the graduation of the window there was ninety subdivisions that were combined into ten greater divisions of the same proportion. Each division was closely fitted with the single frame ratio of the analogue film (3:4). In the installation the analogue hand colored film projected into the digital film to see how prompt fitting analogue format into any subdivision of the entire window.
The window served as a viewing machine and the great hall may rightfully be called the machinery of a systematically arranged spectacle.

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